Our story

Dennis Valentino, Managing Principal, joined Prudential Securities – predecessor to Wells Fargo Advisors – in 2001. He then branched out and founded Heirloom Wealth Advisors, an independently run office which focuses on the specialized needs and goals of high-net-worth clients. The Heirloom team is dedicated to helping you pursue your investing and wealth management goals. 

What’s your heirloom_.png

What’s your heirloom?

Your grandmother’s wedding ring. Your great-grandfather’s Purple Heart. These are objects that carry meaning for you and your family and keep memories of loved ones alive. Wealth planning is more than creating an investment plan – it’s about focusing on those things that are most important to your family. Learn about what it’s like to work with our team as we identify the things that you value most.

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Your big picture

Our priority is helping you develop an investment plan that is driven by your big picture goals. Your plan should encompass your unique needs and should be tailored to fit you, and we believe that our approach to wealth management is best suited to help you pursue what you want. Read more about our planning process.